kryp___tonight (kryp___tonight) wrote,

i feel sad. but there's no reason to be. its not like a normal sad, its like a regretful sad. i'm so confused. i told sasha i think she's a slut who needs to get her hair done and she got pissed. whatev i don't care.
so for english last night we had to make a list of the things we love and hate. so i'll put my list on here

oatmeal. my cell phone. the colour pink. talking. lacoste. uggs. silver. pictures. money. cadillacs. looking pretty. fashion. clothes. shoes. coach bags. pretty teeth. sleeping. flowers. my bed. burberry brit perfume. lacoste perfume. shopping. new york city. california. being tan. tanning. hugs. gossping. working out. showering. paris hilton. bikinis. summer. well-dressed people. doing well in school. good handwriting. hearts. music. my computer. writing notes to people. crushes. boys. getting compliments. my hair. my body. mini skirts. armani. victoria's secret. smiles.

the smell of old people. spiders. worms. bugs in general. the dark. waking up early. smelling bad. when my cell phone runs out of battery. bad breath. fake people. jennifer lopez. school sometimes. tests. being anxious. being rushed. pimples. bad hair days. oily hair. unconfident. bad teeth. garbage. split ends. little kids. when people snore. when the tv is too loud and i'm trying to sleep. when people spit. the ghetto. classical music. being bored. when my nailpolish chips. dirty socks. writing so much that my hand hurts. bad pictures. gaining weight. cabbage. vanilla. things that are black. drugs. dandruff
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